Welcome to Mylestones, an online design and publishing platform that allows you –together with your group -- to mark a BIG LIFE moment by making a one-of-a-kind book.


What’s in a Mylestones Book? It’s a repository of the personal and meaningful messages, videos, photos and mementos shared by a person’s 'inner circle'. The purpose is to collectively share in and elevate a peak or defining moment. It exclaims “This matters!”

Who can contribute to a Mylsteones Book? Everyone in that person’s “inner circle” (who is invited) can contribute directly to the book. With a simple QR code sent via email or text message, multiple people can submit heartfelt messages, video clips, photos, and/or PDFs of mementos directly into the book’s mailbox. That material is incorporated into the book… like combining social media posts, greeting cards, scrapbooks and photobooks into one perfect celebratory gift.

Who designs a Mylestones Book? Currently, Mylestones designs the book for you in 3-5 days. But, soon the platform will provide the tools and materials for you and your friends to design it yourselves, collaboratively, if you want. So each book is from the group for someone in that group. That makes each book collective, collaborative, creative, communicative, and connective!

Book Types

Print Book

Each print book contains the heartfelt written messages, photos and mementos contributed by the group designed into a beautiful, thematic story celebrating a Big Life moment. The book is printed on Cougar® recycled paper from Domitar, the highest quality paper available for use in print-on-demand presses, and features a soft or hard cover and perfect-binding. The book is then beautifully-packaged and shipped to the recipient as a gift.

Video Books

Each video book contains the event footage, video messages, photos and mementos contributed by the group. Materials are combined to tell a story, and then compressed and preloaded into an open-&-play LCD video book that looks like a traditional book outside but functions like a tablet inside. A small USB port and USB cord allows for easy battery recharging. The book is packaged and shipped as a gift.

Virtual Books

A virtual book is perfect for those who want an eBook hosted in its own Virtual Private Library. Each virtual Book contains all the same messages, clips, photos and mementos that are in either a Print Book or Video Book, but the digital version can be viewed by anyone anywhere who has permission to access the Library. There, the Book can be viewed but not downloaded, shared or altered.

Book Themes

What do you want your book to say?


Woo hoo


You can do it


Way to go


Grateful for you


You’re not alone

Valor / Courage

Valor / Courage


You’ll be missed


In our thoughts

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